Armadillos are such fabulous creatures (and such is my minor obsession) that they had to have a seperate page. Which now, of course, needs lots more information and rubbish on! Well, here's some for now...

[CUTE piccie of a 'Dillo] I just have to mention Dillo's here.. That's dee-aye-double-ell-oh, you filthy minded person, you!!

Dillo's are soft an fwuffy an cute.. at least my one is, although I admit not all of them are... Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, and having a penchant for Dime Bars is the usual description. They seem to be something of a spod thing, along with fluffy Cthulu's and goodness only knows what else..

Anyway, here's a few choice 'dillo links...

  • Armadillos Online! Here you can find out much more about the wonderful world of 'dillos, read all kinds of interesting facts about them, and look at lots of pics of the critters.
  • 345 Things to do with an armadillo and an intriguing questionnaire...
  • Some interesting and amusing facts about 'dillos in Texas.
  • The Armadillo Rodeo, a book by Jan Brett with the sweetest picture of a 'dillo on the front!!!
  • A most exellent 'dillo - the Blue Dude himself and some really CUTE t-shirts...
  • And while you're in the mood for armadillo shopping, there's a really sweet pottery armadillo on sale here!
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