Friends, Aquaintances, and General Spods..


Some of my friends have home pages, and I've tried to find all the ones I can.. I DO know I'm missing people, so give me a kick when you see me! *grin*
Anyway.. Their home pages...

Friends from real life.. originally..

Hardly any of my friends from home or from University have homepages, but here're the few friends who have ventured onto the net with me..

Gareth, aka Berry A very good friend, who helped me loads when I first started writing these pages. Now also my boss, and currently loaner of a spare room for the last 3 months :)
John, aka Jarel Not only one of the many Johns I know, but also one of the nicest
The Flaming Giraffe of Justice, aka Jez Jez is the only one of my friends from home to have a web page, more's the pity. He also has a thing about moose and sunflowers.. Things can only get stranger from here...
Ed, aka Jaq I shared a house with the poor guy for the first part of my second year. I wonder if that's why he has a bunny fetish and spends all day eating lettuce.....
Aidan, aka Tharg Viola player from the folk choir at Fisher House, who Berry and I took under our wing... Hah! We got him spodding... *manic cackle*
Jon, aka Middleman The third member of our house last year, Jon is another vet student who's actually still planning to become a vet! *grin*

Spods who've become friends..

A lot of people I've befriended through the 'net also have home pages (Corr.. you don't say?!) and I've been lucky enough to meet this lot in real life. Poor them, huh? *grin*

Tim, aka Greywolf Tim is my dear fiancé, and also a troll, although he only found this out relatively recently. But contrary to what his old net.reputation might suggest, he is gorgeously sweet and fluffy.... at least around my taming influence *lol* Oh, and he quite likes wolves just a little bit, and I "drew" his website for him ;>
Illiane, aka May Illi's both my net.sis and a really good friend irl, not to mention one of the several Merkins I've met.
Yfandes, aka Meri Yffy's my other net.sis and now my net.wifey. I've had far too much fun with her in America especially at her New Year's Party ... All round to mine next year then? ;)
Newt Newt is a Canadian who I've become very good friends with since I've known her. We've had many a night's chat on the phone and by 'net, man bashing and gossiping until the wee hours!
Undone Variously having been known as armPIT, aP, Dave, or David, this guy's a Martian multiple-ex-retiree, captain, good friend, and general spod ;)
Gushie Captain and White-Lab-Coated Technician of Mars, and my dear martian net.hubby!
Sidewinder Mars' favourite Admiral, and oh-so very quiet in real life.. I wonder what would have happened if I had snogged him at Gushie's housewarming ... ;)
the hatter Probably best known for his handcuffs (at least he used to be..), and his pedantic insistence on No Capitalisation Without Representation... My web pages and also those of The Harem are on his server, so I'm very grateful for that!
tND, aka Bruce Dwagin-Fancier and cinnaminister (whatever one of them is..)
Stud, aka Pete Snowplains Site admin, the reason this page got updated after about um... a year and a half, and a strange Northern bloke ;) *ducks*
TicTac, aka Ali A really sweet young friend of mine, who has had the dubious pleasure of a visit from me on more than one occasion!!!
GerryAtric This is TicTac's mother, Connie, who has also ventured into the realms of spodding. I'm currently praying that certain photos of hers _don't_ get scanned.. We can but wait and see...!
Fang the CyberTooth Fangy's my, who also has some pictures from an Olympus Meet which I went to in Easter '96. (I thought there were none of me here, but how wrong could I have been? *sigh*)
(Another useful (if somewhat out of date) list of spods and their home pages can be found here amongst Fang's pages..)
Narenek Stu-rat's now a Cambridge spod.. hoever much he tried to deny it. Hmm. You know.. I'm *sure* he didn't look like that last time I saw him! He's also farrrr too tall!
Mulder He gets called Mulder, Joe Ninety, and occasionally (ie, by his parents) Mark Healey, but I still say he looks like the Milky Bar Kid..
Malus A troll. Apparently. *shrug* Whatever he may be when you meet him in real life, he's certainly one of the world's most addicted spods...
Nefilim Fluffy red haired mopey goth, or so he would have the world believe. But I've definitely seen him grinning lots lately!
Slym Be warned, girls.. He's a right devil with the ladies! [URL updated 9/9/99!]
Obediah You know.. he could almost be another contender for Milky Bar Kid Lookalike of the Year award..

Spoddy friends who I have yet to meet...

Sadly, with the internet being so widespread across the globe, there're a fair number of people out there who I've never had the pleasure of meeting *sigh* Hopefully I'll be able to sort that out later this year, when I'm planning on visiting the States for a few weeks! *bounce* Can't wait! Anyway, here're just some of the people I'll be heading on over to visit, if they'll have me.. *grin*

Kira Kira is another Merkin, and the other Admin of the Harem.
Morianna When I first saw a picture of Mori, I nearly mistook her for one of my oldest friends from home.. apart from being on the wrong side of the Atlantic of course! She's changed her hair since then, so it's safe ;)
Swedish Chef Bork bork bork bork!


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