Purple and Silver

[Picture of AmaRae] AmaRae, known more affectionately to friends at Hey, you! or Ama, is a product of a land far far away.. or at least about 200 miles north of Kira. She too matured in a land of ripening grains, in her case, corn - lots and lots of fields and fields of corn. Upon reaching a reasonably mature point she embarked on an education journey to Missouri, where she discovered maturity wasn't all it was cracked up to be, and promptly regressed into her juvenile state, which she enjoys immensely to this day.

Along this return path to immaturity, Ama encountered the Internet, and eventually found a position amongst the residents of Mars Base Alpha Four. Her flagrant lack of proper mature behaviour promptly attracted the attention of the established group, The Harem. Her life as a happily immature member of Martian society blossomed with her acceptance as the Purple & Silver Sword Dancer of the Mars Harem. To this day she can be found bellydancing terror into the hearts (and other parts) of the Mars males ;) although she appears to have toned down somewhat since her net.marriage to Chandi.

You can't send AmaRae email, nor does she have a homepage :( *sigh*

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