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I got married on May 6th, 2000. Yes, it has taken me a long time to update this website with that factoid, but there you go. I've been too busy doing websites for other people - it's the old builder syndrome where the builder has the shabbiest house in the road, full of unfinished projects. That's a pretty good description of me, at the moment - too many thihngs to do, and not nearly enough time to do them in. My resolutions for the next three months include updating this website, updating the cats' website (we have 5), updating the wedding website and putting photos up on it, as well as recruiting someone in particular to be a Creative Memories consultant (which is another of my newest projects), selling my share options from my previous job, getting double glazing installed int he back of our house, and *finally* decorataing the lounge and my artsycraftsy room.

Anyway, back to the current editions.....

I graduated on 28th of June '97, with a Batchelor of Arts (Hons) (Cantab) with a 2.ii *bounce*. Pictures and the merry tale can be found here.

I was an undergraduate at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge University. I did 2 years preclinical Veterinary Medicine, and then I took Part II General Computer Science as my interim year before clinical school. I decided that vetting wasn't what I wanted to do, however, hence I've graduated, and I am now working at a company in Cambridge called nGame Ltd as their webmaster. They make really cool WAP and digital TV games, including Alien Fish Exchange (for WAP) and soon to come, DataClash for WAP and DITV.

So anyway, not only am I now officially one of those sad spoddy types who never see the light of day, consume sugar and caffeine mixtures via an intravenous drip, and who only know how to communicate with people via a computer, but I'm now one for good! If you know of any nice jobs around, here's my CV and website portfolio... If you're just intrigued to see what I do, I also ahve a page of graphics which I've created for various reasons, and also my very own WinAmp Skin, Icicles, which has also made it onto 1001 WinAmp!

Hmm, so, what about me, then? Well, there's a fairly decent piccie of me here or here and Gareth has one or two of me in his Virtual Photo Album. Unfortunately there are now lots of photos of me floating around the 'net ... despite being very camera shy! I guess I've just been to far too many meets! Occasionally someone manages to take embarassing ones like this, scan them, and convince me I really do want to add it to my homepage! Worrying? I think so...

Still on the photos theme (and tying this bit in nicely...), I've finally put up some of my photos which have been scanned.. It's a bit of a mess right now, but I keep fiddling with my pages when I'm not working, spodding, or something else, so hopefully one of these days it will actually look right, and have everything on it that it should have! It's getting there.

I used to enjoy poetry when I was at school, so I rooted out all my old poems that I could find, and (foolishly, no doubt) made them into a web page... So if you really want to see the sort of things I used to write (and in some cases, still do...), go have a look in my Poetry Corner.


I spend quite a bit of my spare time (when I'm not working, of course *ahem*) talking to people and generally spodding in one of these places, where I am known as Rillaith:

Snowplains: Back in February of '96, John (Jarel), Gareth (Berry), and myself started a new talker based on an Antartic Snowplain. It's my home of choice, since I don't feel guilty if I'm not doing much while logged on, (isn't that what admin are meant to do? ;) Come and have a look around and tell us what you think of it. We have an ftp site with lots of pictures of some of our residents, and loads of pictures from previous meets. (If you have any pics from previous meets, we want to hear from you, having lost a lot through an unfortunate formatting of the site's hard disk *sigh*).

MBA4: Mars Base Alpha 4 is my oldest home, and I'm very fond of the people there. It's theme is a space station on Mars. (Bet you would never have guessed that ;) Why not go there, or have a look at their ftp site

DiscWorld is a new talker which my dear darling Tim (pass out the buckets..) has been writing from scratch when he really should have been doing other things (like going to sleep to get rid of migraines, that kind of thing...). It's based on Terry Pratchett's Discworld, and is currently still very much in development. Why not connect to see how it's getting on, or have a play with the funky stuff on the website (which I have to redesign sometime, apparently!!)


I'm not the only spod at these places.. In fact, a lot of people I've befriended there have home pages (Corr.. you don't say?!) Some of my other friends have home pages too. (Why doesn't that surprise me?) But for the sake of clarity and consciseness (since when did I ever know anything about being concise?!) you'll have to have a look at my friends page if you want to see who they are!

I'm also a member of the Harem ... (Ooer!) I originally set up our web site and mailing list, and now maintain them both. I'm joint Admin with Kira and Chief Techie *grin* See what you think of our site, which was completely revamped over New Year while I was staying with Yffy. We're just way too manic when we're together - and talk about getting things done! Incidentally, we also have our own domain name, so if you have a link on your pages to the Harem's home page, or if you have it bookmarked - update your links!

And once you've had enough of me and my friends.. Here's a collection of useful, random, and downright bizarre links related to things I'm interested in.. I'll let you decide which is which!

I have something of a Thing about armadillos. Let's just leave it at that. No? You want to know more? Well... OK... If you're sure you could have a look at my 'dillo page. I can't help but think that perusing my musical musings might be a far safer option, though! Still..... It's up to you!

The (Different) Final Word

Do you use Windows95? If so, I can't recommend this piece of software to you more than enough.. I have had so much trouble with it, and particularly the registry, it's quite insane! If you use anything like ICQ which stores all your contacts in the registry, it's even more priceless. Rescue95 is a program which backsup and restores your registry, as well as compresses it, and is invaluable if you do have problems or have ever had problems with registry crashes. You can now automate the backups, so you don't even need to remember to do it yourself. It has saved me countless re-installs of windows! Download it now! (Before it's too late!) [Size: 534908]

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