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No-one's home pages are complete without a list of pages they think you might like to look at, or which they find useful.. and mine are no exception! I really should get around to adding in all the hundreds of extra links I keep meaning to add, I guess!   *grin*

  • NetVet Resources, which are really quite interesting to all would-be animal carers, even if you're "only" a pet owner.
  • New Scientist and if you are already a member, Planet Science
  • Sixdegrees, is much better than Planetall. It's based on the idea that everyone in the world knows everyone else by at most 6 degrees.. Friend fo a friend of a friend of a .. well, you get the idea. There are lots of things to play with once you've joined, so go play now! (Incidentally, if you use this link, then I get 25% of the money they make through the adverts, which goes towards the harem's domain name).
  • PlanetAll, for keeping in touch with everyone you know.. Join up now and link to me!
  • I regularly go to Fisher House, the Catholic Chaplaincy in Cambridge, where I was a member of the Committee for 2 years.
  • Electronic Postcards
  • Or better still... Tango Postcards!
  • Tango! The wackiest site I've seen for a long time! Woohooo!! Or there's the Can of Orange, or the Can of Apple for something even more funky.. You've been Tangoed!
  • COFFFFFFFEEEEEE!!!    Aka Demon brew!
  • Alcoholic drinks of all kinds
  • X-Files Drinking Game
  • Robert Rankin
  • Terry Pratchett
  • Neil Gaiman
  • And for somethingslightly different, visit the home of the Bastard Operator From Hell. Boy, can I sympathise with the sentiments after my last job!
  • The Saw Doctors
  • Two great films - Toy Story and Babe *bounce*
  • Dr. Fellowbug's Lab, with all kinds of interesting things, including a wacky excuse generator.
  • The Cyrano Server, and while I'm mentioning this one, there's also the Lovvahuggasnuggleysoppy hugorama form (eek! What a NAME!!!)
  • Talk to a cat in New Zealand (assuming you can get there *sigh) or have Casper the Talking Cat talk to you instead :)
  • Or there's Jumping Java-Jehosaphat the Counting Sheep!
  • Pizza anyone?
  • CUS, at UMIST, where these pages were, a long while back - I need to update this page!!!
  • The Mouse Pad home of some absolutely brilliant icons.
  • Arsespike Cottage, the home of a cow-orker. Careful, though, this website can be a right moody thing..
  • Here's a collection of places "which make the 'net pay" in various ways. By visiting these links, I get some sort of token, most of which get wasted because I never manage to get enough of them for anything! Some of them (eg Amazon and CDNow) earn some sort of finacial bonus, which goes towards the cost of this domain name which I bought for The Harem. So please, click on my links, and sign yourself up for your own.

    And if you get really bored...

  • Boggle, one of my favourite games.. I could spend hours playing this.. (Instructions included!)
  • Noughts and Crosses

    Both of these last two games are on Bubble, Gareth's computer, which currently is net.connected, but isn;t running a web server *pout*. Hopefully they will return soon!

  • Yes, in this section is that most amrvellous of places for procrastination.. Riddler.
  • Scrabble Challenge Game
  • NetNoose or even better, R.I.P.
  • Play a sheep-pig in this spin-off from the film Babe...
  • Blackjack
  • Net Poker
  • Backgammon
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