Midnight Blue, Scarlet, and Gold

[Picture of Curry] I grew up on a farm in South Jersey, USA. I've always been a biology, language, and literature nut (well maybe at least a nut anyway *grin*)

I have a wonderful family (huge extended family, small immediate family). I have a brother who is 4 & 1/2 months older (and never lets me forget it). We grew up as best friends, became enemies and tried killing each other for almost 10 years (literally) and are now friends again. We still have a few problems, but he is becoming a neat person and I'm very proud of him. My mom is a retired nurse. She is a brittle diabetic with renal failure, has regained sight in one eye, has no feeling in her hands or feet, is on hemodialysis 3 times a week, but she is doing very much better than she was on peritoneal dialysis and feeling great. She is generally the most incredible person I've ever met...she's also my best friend. My father is also wonderful. He is a farmer turned real estate agent. He is an alcoholic, but a gentle one...he usually falls, falls asleep, or generally keeps us laffing when he drinks. He is a very kind gentle man.

I work as a registrar in an Emergency Room on the night shift. (I finally only have one job...through high school and college, the norm was a minimum of 3 jobs at a time...getting burnt out is not fun at any age.) I meet lots of different people and I love it. I'm trying to decide if I'm brave enough to take my mcats or if I'm going to try my hand at a few other dreams first (I do believe that I'd like to be a doctor finally). I love to write. I hope to be published (well more than my poem any way...which I was also asked for permission to be read onto audio cassette *bouncie bouncie...really excited bouncies*) I write short stories, children's stories, poems of course, and my specialty is local histories, interviews and research. I also dream of travelling and doing research and hopefully contributing something good to this world in my lifetime (making a positive difference in someone's life somehow). I love people. I love history. I love languages of every kind.

I have Tinnitus and at times hyperacusis...constant ringing in the ears and sensitivity to certain sounds and frequencies. This gives me the wonderful quality of lousy balance (I can walk straight on a boat though)...which was devastasting for a long time, but is now actually amusing at times. I'm prone to migraines and loss of balance, but I'm learning to manage them as well. I often have trouble understanding speech, so I am fairly adept in lip reading and have more than just a casual interest in American Sign Language...I think it's more of a passion... It saved my sanity. All in all I'm a very mixed up strange person who wants to do everything in life that she possibly can and so has a terrible time settling into a career.

I love music in all forms, all animals, with a soft soft spot for dogs. I love sunsets and sunrises, the ocean, moon rises and thunderstorms...and usually natural colors are my favorites...with the addition of crayola purple, of couse ;)

And it's all Yffy's fault that I'm the terrible spod that I am...she introduced me to the internet and I've been hooked ever since. Yffy and Figment are two of my oldest and dearest friends in this world.

You can send Curry some email, but she doesn't have a homepage :(

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