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[Picture of Illiane] This chica is mad as a hatter, nuts, insane, and off her little rocker. She's also madly in love with, nuts, insane and off her little rocker about her very significant other, David, to whom she is engaged.. or married by the time you read this! This means she is decidedly taken, which is wonderful news since it means that she couldn't possibly inflict any more damage on the rest of the world, and people can now look forward to emerging from their bomb shelters :) Right, this is the cue for everyone to bow and give their grateful thanks to the brave man ;)

Illi majored in psychology, is interested in linguistics and likes reading and talking to friends in her spare time. Despite the liberal arts background, she joined the computer work force and does software support for a Supply Chain Execution software company, getting her hands dirty in code (Oracle, Pro*C, yada). She's a bit of a nerdy bookworm who's into fantasy, a bit of Sci-fi and lots of humor. Music-wise, anything goes except rap, noise, over-cheese and country music. Tori Amos, Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division, Clannad, The Chieftains (and more celtic music) and plenty of 80's music are frequently heard playing from her stereo. Illi / May is from Malaysia, where the weather is a basic sun-and-rain, so snow is still really really cool (no pun intended), because she hasn't had to shovel anything yet *grin*.

Illiane is also real shweet and ninnocent but has had the dubious privilege of being named one of the main harem corrupters, which is completely untrue whatsoever (Hey, I only pass on the norty jokes!) because she's a complete and utter angel who would never ever dream of saying anything lewd and would put all the rest of them to shame and and... *muffled strangled gulp as the rest of the harem drag her off-stage*

You can send Illiane some email or look at her homepage

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