Purple and Green

[Picture of Kira] Kira used to be the innocent member of the Harem. She still maintains that she's more innocent than any other member, but with the years comes experience and...oh, what the heck. I'm still innocent. Those years of experience have produced some changes: I graduated magna cum laude with degrees in English and History in May 1999. After another six weeks of employment at the university, I moved on to Osprey Network Technologies, a local ISP. Okay, my brother owns it. Nepotism rules! My offical title is "Office Manager," but I prefer "One Who Rules All." They have yet to get used to that title. I'm also the website designer for our various customers.

I'm quite the interests include Star Trek (check out Sid City, my official website for Alexander Siddig), Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, The X-Files, the Internet, reading, traveling, movies, and, most recently, scrapbooking. The latter arose out of necessity. You see, I'm an aunt now. Which means I take lots of pictures of my darling niece. And I can't just put them in an album somewhere, oh no! They must be put in intricate and time-consuming scrapbooks. My Internet passion extends beyond Sid City to visit Kira's homepage (which doesn't get updated often enough) or email her.

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