Green and Gold

[Picture of Morianna] How do you pack a life and several dozen really great interests into one short little description? Maybe you can't, but it's worth a try. Beware, Morianna can be quite wordy. ;) As a 5th year English major she has had a lot of practice with this crazy language. She will graduate on May 3, 1998 and start looking for a job that deals with, guess what... words. *grin* It is her goal to eventually go free lance in writing and editing, but it will take a while to get there so she's happy to settle into something else for a while.

Morianna's great passions in life are her boyfriend, spodding, reading, and writing. In 1993 she began a nursing degree and continued at that for a few years before deciding to switch to her great love, English. However, her hard won nursing skills will not go to waste. She plans to have two to three children after she catches herself a hubby. It's quite likely they will keep her busy patching up cuts and scrapes and diagnosing strange illnesses.

She recently moved into an apartment in Texas which she shares with two other slightly crazy women. She does her best to be a "good" influence on them. ;) Among other strange things that have been known to happen is staying up most of the night looking at interesting catalogues, eating brownies, talking about *ahem* men, and ordering lingerie.

Morianna has two younger siblings, a sister and a brother, who are both taller than she is at 6 feet 2 inches and 6 feet 9 inches, respectively. Her sister, Legs, is especially important to her as one of her very closest friends. She does her best to be a good deal less conservative than her parents, but can't escape occasionally sounding too much like her mother for her own sanity. ;) However, she admires them both immensely as intelligent, motivated people.

Her personality is quite laid back, but deeply feeling. Morianna is very sure of what she believes and holds honesty and integrity of the utmost importance. No matter what she is called, she is still the same person and has learned to like herself just as she is, both inside and out.

Want to know more about Mori? Email her, or look at her homepage.

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