Navy Blue and Cranberry Red

[Picture of Newt] Waaaaaaaahooooga! Okay, enough of that non-sense.

Newt is perhaps one of the smallest members of The Harem. (For those of you who don't know, newts are amphibians that look a lot like salamanders.) Although certainly not one of the most quiet! Where there's a ruckus, Newt is likely just around the corner.

When she's not harassing members of the oposite sex, Newt can be found working as a project manager in a small web design firm. She recently graduated from the University of Toronto with a BSc in Environmental Science. Newt's in training (off and on) for triathalons. Loads of fun, or so they say.

Newt has (as all Harem members should) a very lewd best friend, Bailey the cat. Unfortunately Bailey was fixed this summer and no longer humps Newty's Dad's leg. She (Bailey) does however, continue to hump Newt's teddy bear.

Proud to be a card-carrying PsYcHoWeNcH. (Well as soon as Yffy gets around to making me a card that is.)

You can send Newt some email or look at her homepage

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