Five men working on a dewy morn
Were very busy mowing the lawn.
One was careless with his cable,
Now he lies on the coroner's table.

Four men high up picking pears,
One thinks a branch his weight bears.
At last it cracks beneath the strain,
And all his efforts were in vain.

Three men hoeing a garden bed,
One needs something from his shed,
Trips over a hoe left on the ground,
Fell into his pond, and sadly drowned.

Two men sprayiong their prize rose,
One confused the black spot dose.
By not diluting his solution,
He speeded up his evolution.

Our final gardener takes his saw,
To chop down a tree; one of four.
The falling trunk he fails to see,
Which leaves him in the mortuary.

31st March, 1992


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