Early School Experiences


I get up in the morning with a frown on my face,
I drew back the curtain and stared into space,
Then came the bathroom with the horror of soap,
"Oh, no! Monday morning", the thought made me choke.

"Come on!" shouted Mother for the twentieth time,
"If you're late one again, the blame is not mine!"
I rushed down the stairs, and gobbled my ricicles,
Jumped into the car, and shot past the bicycles.

I arrived at the school and started my pothooks,
And, being the monitor, got out the school books,
Then counted the milk numbers, we were sixteen,
Going back to class, I drank all the cream.

The came the highlight, the best part of the day,
We dashed to the playground, and started to play.
"Mummies and Daddies", "Kiss Chase" and "It",
That nasty Priscilla, her finger I bit.

After the break we went back to class,
Filling the inkwells was then my next task.
Silly Priscilla got ink on her skirt,
And I got the cane, and oh! did it hurt!

25th March, 1990


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