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The Harem's Top Movie Choices

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The following is a list of Haremites favorite films and the members who suggested them, compiled from a recent survey. The favorite so far seems to be The Princess Bride...

The Princess Bride AmaRae, Neo, Illiane, Newt, Sting, Yfandes
Almost anything Disney AmaRae, Kelli, Kira, Rillaith
Star Wars Kira, Neo, Sting, Yfandes
Wallace & Gromit AmaRae, Illiane, Rillaith
Batman Returns Illiane, Kira
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure Blob, Neo
Clueless Kelli, Kira
Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet Kelli, Rillaith
Anything Star Trek Blob, Kira (with some exceptions....STV, for example)
The Black Stallion Newt, Yfandes
The Breakfast Club Kelli, Neo
The Usual Suspects Kelli, Kira
Titanic Rillaith, Yfandes
Willow Newt, Rillaith
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Sting
Dirty Dancing Blob
George of the Jungle Rillaith
Empire Strikes Back AmaRae
E.T. Kelli
Excaliber Sting
Fifth Element Rillaith
Hook Neo
Jean de Florette Wolfling
Lord of the Rings Sting
Manon de Sources Wolfling
Out of Africa Sting
Pharlap Newt
Power of One Newt
Scream Rillaith
Scent of a Woman Kelli
Sense & Sensibility Kira
Sliding Doors Rillaith
St Elmo's Fire Kelli
Strange Brew Newt
The Big Chill Sting
The Full Monty Rillaith
Top Gun Newt
Top Hat AmaRae
To Sir With Love AmaRae
When Harry Met Sally Illiane
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory Sting

Hey Haremites, do you have a favorite movie that you want added? Or do you want to add your vote to a movie already mentioned? Email Kira and Rillaith with your choices and let your voice be heard. :-)

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