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The Harem's List of Certified Fu... erm, Fanciable

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Being a group of wimmin, we, oddly enough, kinda like men. OK, we admit it, we like 'em lots, but then we're a harem, what did you expect from us, celibacy? *grin* Anyway, we've collated a list of men, women, and spods who are deemed fu.. erm.. fanciable by general consensus of the Haremites. (Or at least we're working on it!) Due to the vast numbers of ... well appreciated people now included on this list, we've split it up into sections:

Men Women Spods

Just a note on the voting system here: when Yffy first compiled the votes, she listed the first person to mention the name as 'Who Says So', then added up the subsequent votes to provide 'Votes'. Any nominations by non-Haremites must be seconded by a Haremite to make the list.

Not sure what one of the LCF's looks like? Thanks to lots of hard spodding by Illiane and Psyche, you can now follow the links on many of the LCF's names to a page with pics! You can also add your own votes to the list and submit your choices to the LCF, thanks to Yffy! Just fill in the handy-dandy form and send it to us. We'll try and update on a regular basis :)

Any mistakes in spelling, adding, or anything else, just jot it down on the form below and let us know. A large amount of vote updating has just happened, and Yffy tells me she promises to try and keep up with it from now on. Not that Rilli has any excuses not to help keep it up to date, of course :}

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New Nominations:

If you think someone is certifiable fu..erm... fanciable, and they aren't on this list, let us know. If you can include a URL with your nominations too, this will save Yffy, Illi and Psyche lots of time and effort.

Your name:

Who do *YOU* think needs to be on this list?:

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