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Harem Stuff and Things

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Our interests don't stop at just men, and to prove this we've got a few links to other stuff we get up to. So, here goes!!!

  • A little more about ourselves.. Who the Founders are, the official Guidelines of the Harem, and the history of how it all began..

  • More history can be found in the shape of the net.histories of some of the Haremites.

  • Authored by our very own Tamborine, the BIW philosophy has been adopted by the Haremites as Very Good Sense indeed!

  • OK, so we might do stuff other than talk about men, but that doesn't mean we can't include our List of Certified Fu.. erm.. Fanciable here. This is a list of scrumptious spods (and maybe even a few people with real lives! *nudge* *wink* ) of both male and female persuasions..

  • We had a phase of sending recipes back and forth for a few days.. Personal best remedies for colds, things to entice significant others (or would-be's!) with, and indulgence foods.. We've compiled a Recipe Book full of all these fantastic culinary delights!

  • The Harem's own Celluloid Hotlist of films we consider especially meaningful, moving, or just plain marvellous!

  • The Domesticated Fiends Homepage. Written by some of our very own Haremites, this tells you everything you need to know to be the perfect little Domesticated Fiend, for when you settle down with your man (or men?!).

  • We send so many addresses of web sites back and forth between us, that I've collated the whole lot of them into our very own Haremite Links page!

  • Interested in astrology? Want to send a birthday card to your favourite Haremite? Have a look at a list of our birthdays and star signs.

  • The serious bit now.. It's a discussion that comes up fairly regularly, especially when we get new member, or older members discover that there are other things to do in this world than spod.. The collective wisdom and opinions of the haremites on the topic of contraception can be found here.. And hopefully some very sound advice for wimmin everywhere.

  • Finally, for all the haremites out there who aren't entirely sure exactly what colour they have in mind, have a look here (lists colours and values, doesn't show the actual colours) or here, and then here to test colours until you manage to find that perfect match!
    You can see the colours of all the haremites here.

  • Want to join the Harem? Look here for more information.

  • Private area for Haremite-only information.

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