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Awards, Credits and Special Thanks

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It's always nice to feel appreciated, and this page is devoted to just that - thanks and appreciation to everyone who has contributed, and awards we have been given as gestures of other netizens appreciation of our collective efforts. Thanks to all, contributors and award givers alike!

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My thanks to you all

All the Haremites have given their input to this site, as have several other people outside the Harem, without any of whom this site would not exist, let alone be as rich in variety as it is. Special mention goes to:
  • Berry, for general help setting this up in the beginning, and for the original Haremite Icons.
  • the hatter, for being our site admin and everything that goes with that, for helping me out with stuff when I have limited net access, and especially for pointing out his documentation on server-side includes!
  • BoingDragon for allowing us to dress up and use Kainudy, the dragon in our logo. Original artist: Paul Osze. Colour shading and highlighting by Maggie De Alarcon. Harem gear: Rillaith.
  • Yfandes, for the original recipe pages, maintaining the lcf page, writing and maintaining the library pages, suggesting the original basis for the new design, and generally stopping me being completely snowed under!
  • Kira, for writing the original films page, and being such a great hard-working Admin.
  • Kira, Illiane, Sting, and Yfandes for all the helpful suggestions and comments and ideas for new stuff, layouts and backgrounds that have kept me busy busy busy ;>
  • Kira, Illiane, Newt, and Yfandes for helping me with the routine maintenance, and Newt and Yffy for fixing the niggling little things that poeople spot every so often if I haven't got there first!
  • Mulder, on behalf of Yfandes, for his help with the lcf page in the beginning, and also Illiane and Psyche for trawling the net for the lcf URLs.
  • Tamborine, for writing the BIW philosophy, and mailing it to the Harem when she did.
Thanks for all the hard work, this place just wouldn't be the same without you. *hug*


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Awards we have been given

Excellence Award saw fit to give us their highest award for web excellence.
A+ Web Design Approved A+ Web Design have rated us as an approved site.
Illumination Studio's Angelic Silver Award for Website Design We recently added Angel Illumination Studio's Angelic Silver Award for Website Design to our collection of awards we have won. Looks like I need to get on with my list of things to be done ;)
Annabella's Award Annabella has given us her award. (Go visit her site - it's marvellous!)
Award The Diffusione Immagine Asti Italy gave us the Axt Award for our site's content, design, and easy access to information.
BC Website Award We have also been presented with the BC Website Award.
BSOB Award of
Excellence BSOB Productions presented us with their Award of Excellence, and said:

We at BSOB found ourselves anxious yet strangely intimidated while visiting your site. Fortunately we were unharmed during our stay. Whew!

Nice to see people with a sense of humour! ;)

Award *Bounce* Easter came, and we got the Bunny Award!
Beans! Our first award, presented to us by one of our own members, was the Cool Beans Award. Since then, we've bean awarded several others, too.
.Cool Reality 
Award. We have also won the .Cool Reality Award. for "having elegant graphics, content, and a cool sense of being about it".
Critical Mass Award We have been given the Critical Mass Award, and here's what they had to say:

A very nice site, excellent design, beautiful original graphics, and your content is informative, entertaining, presented well and easy to access. A worthy enterprise and a positive contribution to the Web.

Elite Site 
Award Another "badge of honour" we've collected is Ravi's Elite Site Award.
The Excellence 
Award Cheri Scanner awarded us the Excellence Award for "a great looking site".
Goholin's Award
of Excellence Carla of Goholin's Place awarded us the Goholin's Award of Excellence, and had this to say about the site:

What can I say I loved it, the color, graphics, content.. it was all great.

Great Gig Award The nice people at the HCP Canadian Music Web Site gave us their Great Gig Award for our website.
The Jeff Hobrath 
Art Studio Web Award We also won the Jeff Hobrath Art Studio Web Award
Design Award This commercial site gave us their Award for Web Design.
Award The cutest creature to award us is Oddvar, who has given us his award. Oddvar's human, Thor, said:

Nice website. Indeed, the name could catch someone off guard, but I see the point. Good! It will give 'em something to think about!

Perfect Page Award We've also won Piglet's Perfect Page Award from someone with a near obsession about Tigger.. Good taste I say ... (but please include some image size tags around the pics!)
Prime Navigator
Site Possibly our most unusual award is the Prime Navigator Award, presented to us by the Tourist Board of Erieira, in Portugal. Apparently it's a picturesque fishing village on the Atlantic Coast!
Quatec Website 
Design Award We won the Quatec Website Design Award. In their own words:

Your site was reviewed for originality, usefulness of information and graphic design, and was found to have an outstanding artistic flair, careful and concise design, and a wealth of information. Your site only enhances the originality of our internet community. Job well done!

Setoff Site 
of the Day We were the Setoff Site of the Day in the "Interest" category, on April 10th, 1998.
Starsaber's Award Our site earned the StarSaber's Award Of Excellence for "a job well done!"
Web Designers Gallery 
Award We have recently been given the Web Designer's Gallery Award.
Web Gear '98
Award Hollingdrake's Web Gear have given us an award too!

All award images created by and © the award owner(s), except the Setoff Award image, created by Rillaith. Except where seperately credited, all images created by Rillaith, © The Harem, 1998.

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